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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My First Award

Got my first Blog Award, thanks to Writtenwyrdd. The image should be just to the right of this post. It's the "I Love Your Blog". (Yes, I know. The image actually reads "I Love {picture of a heart} Your Blog". But I'll be honest with you. I prefer words to pictures in a sentence. But the sentiment is wonderful and the image still cute.})

Like Writtenwyrdd wrote on her blog, it makes one feel good inside to have someone read one's blog and then state they like what they read. I mean, isn't that kind of why we write? At the beginning, when no one knows we're here, we write for ourselves, but the idea that someone just might find us is there. And should that happen, we don't want them to hate what we wrote, or be bored, or think we're just an idiot or something. (I've already been outed once this week. No need in letting everyone know I'm an idiot, too. [smiles])

So when someone not only tells us on our blog that they like us (kind of like telling your hostess that the sponge cake was wonderful, but then going home and telling everyone else it tasted like a real sponge - after cleaning the kitchen), but they announce our blog on their blog and say they like us, it's an honor. So, thank you, Writtenwyrdd, for honoring me.

Now, the award does not come without rules. (There are always rules in cyberspace. They just differ from real world at times.)

The rules are

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!

Now there are five rules. Of those five, #s 1, 2, and 4 are easy enough. The only one I hadn't done was add the logo. That's done now. It's the nominating seven other blogs. That's kind of hard.

It's like when I was young and made captain of sandlot baseball. We would have about dozen kids (boys and girls) from around the neighborhood, ranging in age from eight to twelve. Two people would be randomly (supposedly) chosen to be captains. A coin would be flipped and one of the captains would make their first choice to fill their team.

Every so often I was captain. I hated it, because the captain only had one duty, and once it was dispensed, the captain was retired from office. That duty was to pick a team, which meant not picking people as well as picking them. Now having been (at one time) an excellent baseball player, I was nearly always chosen first when I wasn't captain. But when teams for chosen for other things at which I failed more often than succeeded, I could wind up being last. It isn't any fun to not get picked. You know? (I feel bad when I choose between my stuffed animals - and they're not even alive!) I suppose that's why I was never made a manager. I wanted everyone in the company to succeed. Not just my team.

I felt bad enough when I realized I have not been keeping my Links to Other Blogs updated. Even now it isn't complete, and I added some just before beginning this post. But some of the blogs only get posts once a month or so. (Not sure why I visit them every day, but I do.) But that's not fair either, because some of the blogs I have listed aren't posted to all that frequently.

But, by definition, I like all the blogs I've linked to on my sidebar. But according to the rules I should only choose seven. ALL of those blogs are nice to visit. And some are little known! Well, having to choose between slices of the same cake, I will nominate the following (and don't you dare infer anything from the order I list them):

1. Jennifer (because she makes me think and because she purports that people can be different and still get along - if they will just treat each other with respect)

2. Ms. Sparrow (because she reminds me of things I forgot from my youth and because she knows exactly what it is like to be a Minnesotan)

3. Age of Love (because she can say things from the heart in ways I only wish I could)

4. Life's Goulash (because we share a love of cats and because she reminds me of why I love to write)

5. Freddie's Cafe (because she has a LOT of talent and maintains a good attitude in the midst of frustrating events - and because she can be quite funny sometimes)

Now for those of you who's blogs I did NOT choose, please don't feel bad. The truth is, I didn't include a couple of you because I know you already are getting awards, and I like to see the fun "spread around" so everyone can enjoy. I like you blog, or I wouldn't be visiting it daily. EVERY blog listed on my sidebar (including a few more I haven't listed) I visit EVERY DAY. That's the honest-to-God truth.

Meanwhile, I've got some people to contact.

Hope they like awards.

EDIT NOTE: What a doof I am! I was supposed to pick seven (7), not five (5). Duh! So here are two more:

6. Spyscribbler (because she always has something fun and useful to say and because I like her attitude)

7. Whirlochre (because I'm beginning to suspec - with great fear - that we may have more in common than I thought)


fairyhedgehog said...

Choosing who to pass it on to is the hardest thing and I like the way you did it.

Bevie said...

Thanks. No hard feelings? Your blog is wonderful, too, you know?

And you others who were not chosen.

fairyhedgehog said...

There's no reason to have hard feeling. You can't give it to everyone!

Aniket said...

I see you have done a much better job with this, than I did. :-)

Planning to visit your other posts too, if you don't mind. :D

Bevie said...

Hi Aniket!

Thanks for coming. I don't know that I did a better job than you. Yes. Do visit the other blogs. (I've noticed that you have a creative mind - from reading your blog - so perhaps you might consider "joining" the Legion of On-Line Super Heroes blog? Jennifer had nothing to say about it. Pity, too. She also has a creative mind.)

Lisa said...

Thank you! how sweet!
How do I remind you of why you love to write?
I'm really very touched.
I know just to whom I'll send the award to!

(I'm stuffed from eating fruit - my husband's work sent him an edible fruit arrangement - I was eating it like candy - I suppose if one is to overindulge, fruit is a good choice.)

Jennifer said...

Hey Bevie. Thanks for the award! As I explained to Aniket, I never post them because of a series of events that started with not knowing how but I still really appreciate it!

And I think the legions thing came up during the middle of my drama, so that's probably why I didn't say anything. I think it sounds fun but I barely have time to breathe these days. But I know you guys will have fun.

Bevie said...

Lisa: "I was eating it like candy"

[haha] Yeah, that's what I do, too.

How do you remind me of why I write? We talked about that while going over our Hero stories, remember?

Bevie said...

Jennifer: Hi Jennifer!

That's okay (about not posting). You know people like your blog and are telling others it's good.

Regarding the Legions, I was being silly, not critical. Don't feel bad. You are one of several we invited who are just swamped with business in their lives right now.

Doesn't mean you can't join later should things quiet down.

Meanwhile, hope you stop by to read some. Right now we have four submissions primed and ready to go. It begins in two days, on Friday!

Whirlochre said...

Thanks for numbering me amongst your seven, Bevie. I too am behind on updating my links, so I'll amend my blog to include you accordingly.

Things we might have in common? Seems I got to be a nymph also, which is odd because I always thought I was a twerpbeest.

Bevie said...

"Seems I got to be a nymph also"


Love it!

Thanks, Whirl.

Ordinary Jo said...

Thanks, Bevie, for introducing me to some more great blogs. It is always nice to find more that are truly worth reading.

Bevie said...

Hi Jo!

Welcome. And you bet. Hope you can come back again.

♥ Leilani Amorey said...

Thank you Bevie :) I will treasure my first ever award , thank you from the heart again *bows*


Bevie said...

Hi Lei!

I was hoping you would come by. You bet. I've liked your blog since I found it.

Try to stop by again if you can.



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