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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Starting Over Again - and Again - and Again - and

So, I set my new story (WWOD) aside for the time being and started a new new story (ACG). (The letters are acronyms of the working titles.)

ACG #1 went about 1,100-words before I decided I didn't like some things and restarted.

Using pieces of ACG #1, ACG #2 made it past the point of stopping on #1, but only by a little. Word length, about 1,400-words, ending with the clever phrase, "I look forward to seeing more of you."

ACG #3 actually completed a chapter. It dealt more strongly with some concepts I am trying to establish, but it didn't "feel right" to me. I liked what I had written, but it just didn't seem to be the story I wanted to tell. Another 4,200-words tossed aside.

ACG #4 became a rewrite of Chapter One and a lot of words in Chapter Two. But that's how it feels to me: like a lot of words. There are more than 2,800-words in Chapter Two, but I don't know that I'm saying anything. I do tend to babble.

So, I've received some good advice and help from a friend, and done a bit of reading which helps. Now I'm going to begin ACG #5. Only it won't be called ACG anymore. I haven't got a new working title but, based on new feelings, ideas, and unspoken messages from my main character, ACG no longer fits what the story is really about. So I'll come up with something new. Something I like.

Speaking of titles, like nearly everyone, I think I'm good at them (and at the same time not being impressed with many who are acclaimed). There have been several books I have passd on because of the title, and when I learn a previous version I think I would have bought the book had the original title been kept. Not always.

Finally, I want to put in a plug for fairyhedgehog's blog. The truth is, I think she may be the only visitor this blog gets anymore, but on the chance someone else passes by I want to redirect them. Her latest post provided me with some help for my ACG problems, and I thought to give her some advertising. Fairyhedgehog frequently posts helpful hints and links.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Plugging Away For - Something Unknown

So, Shadow People is completed. I even wrote a query letter for it. It needs work, but I have one. What I don't have is a place to send it. But I'm letting the query rest for now.

Meanwhile, I have begun yet a new story. It's in the early stages and I'm only on chapter four. My guess is this story will also run about 60,000-words when completed. It's requiring more research and ultimately will require a more in-depth rewrite. But there is writing taking place, even if it doesn't appear anything will come of it. Of course, why should it? Nothing has ever come of anything else I've ever written.

It's kind of sad, in way. All of these stories, and most of them well and good, and at best they will be enjoyed by one or two instead of many. What a waste my life is.

I'll let you know when I've finished this go.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Inspiration is Not Dead - And Neither Am I - Yet

So, I have not been entirely idle although I have been absent. But the idea of this blog is my writing, and if I'm not accomplishing anything to that regard, why blog? And since, according to StatCounter, this blog was getting virtually no visits, it's not like it's a great loss if I don't post.

Anyway, I have written a new story. It's done now. I've even gone through an edit. It's only about 64,000-words, which is nothing compared to what I like to write. But it says what it needs to say. To use more words is to simply include filler.

It's title is "Shadow People", and once again it is of a fantasy nature, although not the kind of fantasy I normally write. This time there are no swords, wizards, dragons, or fairies. Well, maybe there are a couple of them. I suppose it depends on one's point of view. That is the hint, of course, that this story deals with subject matter I have struggled with for a great deal of my life. What is right and what is wrong? What is real and what is imagined? And just what does it mean to be in love with someone? Anyone.

I'm not going to go into what the story is about because I haven't written a query for it yet. The joyful part of writing any book. Haven't written a synopsis for Swords of Fire either. I don't know if I ever will. I don't know if I can.

I am a writer. Wish I was an Author, but that's probably more than I have a right to even dream about. But my stories are good stories. They are well worth the read, if you can get your hands on one. Not likely, as those who must decide where to invest their time and money are not interested in my work. A pity. For me and for them. My stories are worth paying for. I know Shadow People is. I would buy it - if I didn't already have it.

Anyway, it's done.

Just thought I'd say.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


by Bevie James

She was beautiful beyond my dreams or reality
In my arms she was like an envelope of love
But that was a dream

I found her as a child and she made me a man
In her arms I was like burning flame of passion
But that was just a dream

I loved her smile, and her winsome eyes enraptured me
The sound of her voice was like a song upon my heart
But it was all a dream

The child that she bore me was as beautiful as she
The way she touched my spirit made me always feel free
But the girl and the woman were just a dream to me

The love that I feel still dwells deep within
It longs to get out and live life again
To love and be loved
What else makes a man
The power of love makes me be all I can

The girl of beauty lives on in my heart
I embrace her each morning and evening in love
But it is all a dream
Oh to sleep and dream
I dream that I can breathe
Awake I dream again
To dream


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